Web Links

These websites all have interesting content relating to biophotonics. Please suggest additional links using the contact form.


BioOptics World
A magazine which covers most topics in biophotonics, but with a bias towards mature, patient-ready technologies. The online version is free, printed copies require a subscription. Bi-monthly issue.

OCT News
Primarily a newsfeed linking to journal papers, this site also has profiles of key people in the field, directories of companies developing OCT related products, and a weekly ‘feature’ article. Updated daily.

Optics and Photonics News
This online and printed magazine covers all branches of optics, but there is a fair amount of biomedical optics content. Requires OSA membership or a subscription. Monthly issue.



Biophotonics Review
Occasional posts from researchers in biophotonics areas at several US Universities. Currently has about 30 posts on a range of topics.

Biomedical Optics
A blog with a huge amount of varied content (some in French).

Optical Tweezers Blog
Provides abstracts and links to articles related to optical tweezing, as they are published.

This blog has posts on a range of practical topics in optics, some of which are definitely worth reading for anyone who does optics in the lab. Lots of content, but few recent updates.

The Optics Blog
A general optics blog which has some interesting content, but has not been updated in the last few months.

Blog covering developments and topics related to optics.