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HiLo Microscopy

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There’s a stark contrast between the elegant simplicity of a conventional widefield microscope and the much more complex apparatus need for point-by-point scanning in confocal microscopy. It’s this point-by-point scanning, together with a pinhole, which gives the confocal microscope its optical sectioning ability. By removing the out of focus blur which would degrade a conventional microscope image, confocal microscopes obtain crisp, clean images of thick samples, or even of in vivo tissue. The additional complexity involved with confocal operation, which includes the requirement to use a laser rather than a thermal light source, is accepted as the price that has to be paid if we want to obtain these kinds of images. But now, HiLo microscopy is offering an alternative approach which could have a number of niche applications, particularly where space or cost preclude the use of a full confocal microscopy setup.

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