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Intravascular Doppler OCT

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Doppler Optical Coherence Tomography (Doppler OCT) allows us to measure blood flow on a microscopic scale. Sometimes we only want to distinguish between what is moving and what isn’t, perhaps so that we can distinguish blood vessels from surrounding tissue. On other occasions we might want to actually estimate the direction and velocity of the blood flow. Either way, Doppler OCT has rarely been used in vivo with endomicroscopes, partly because of the difficulties in using phase-based techniques outside the comfort of the optics lab. A recent paper in Biomedical Optics Express (an open access journal) has reported the use of a commercial OCT endomicroscope to obtain Doppler OCT images of intra-vascular blood flow in a pig. It shows that the phase stability problem can be overcome using simple subtraction techniques, paving the way for rapid clinical translation.

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