Journal articles related to biophotonics are spread across a number of journals, some which are focused specifically on medical applications of optics, and others which cover a wider range of topics. The list below isn’t exhaustive, but will cover the majority of papers.

Biophotonics Journals

  • Journal of Biophotonics : Articles and reviews focusing very much on bio applications rather than optics technology. Includes a number of special focus editions. Monthly issue. [IF 4.447]
  • Journal of Biomedical Optics : Covers all applications and technology for optics in biology and medicine. Monthly issue. [IF 2.556]
  • Biomedical Optics Express : A relative newcomer to the field from OSA, following the same open access model as Optics Express. [IF 3.344]
  • Virtual Journal for Biomedical Optics : Collection of biophotonics related papers from other OSA optics journals.

Other Relevant Journals

  • Nature Photonics : Articles and news related to key developments in optics. There are only a handful of articles and letters in each issue, but a reasonable portion are biophotonics related. Also includes magazine type features, including a round up of research published in other journals. Monthly issue.
  • Optics Express : Generally thought of as the premier general optics journal, Optics Express offers open access and speedy online publication. Biweekly issue.
  • Optics Letters : Formerly the premier optics journal, now eclipsed somewhat by Optics Express, this OSA journal contains short letters (up to three pages) and usually includes one or two biophotonics papers. Biweekly issue.
  • Applied Optics : Another OSA journal, focusing on practical topics in optics, generally considered less prestigious than the two main OSA offerings. Three issues per month.
  • Journal of Microscopy : Covers technology and applications in microscopy, with a majority of articles focusing on optical microscopy.
  • Physics in Medicine and Biology : While its main focus is on ionising radiation, this journal from the UK Institute of Physics has occasional biomedical optics papers.

Other Optics Journals