I’m a research associate working in in vivo optical microscopy . As well as actually carrying out research, part of my job is to keep up with developments in various areas of biophotonics. Since I usually find that having to explain something to other people is the best of way of making sure I understand it properly myself, I decided to create this blog. It’s purely a personal website, so the usual disclaimer applies that opinions are my own and not my employer’s!

I’ll be posting about various developments in optics, mainly restricting myself to biomedical applications and with a strong bias towards microscopy. Some posts will be breaking news, but most will be about papers that I have finally got round to reading. The content will be aimed at people who are scientifically literate, but not necessarily technical experts in all areas of biophotonics. I’d like to practice writing for a more general audience so you can also expect the odd post to be a little more ‘pop science’.

I can’t guarantee that everything I write is correct, but one of the great things about the internet is that you can tell me how wrong I am straight away – either by posting a comment or dropping me an email. So please do.