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Imaging through multi-mode fibres using model-based calibration

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In the last few years, several papers have looked at how it might be possible to use a multimode fibre as an ultra-narrow endoscope (see this post and this post for a bit of background). The most common approach is to use a spatial light modulator to shape the wavefront entering the fibre. If this is done in precisely the right way, interference between light coupled into the different modes of the fibre will result in a focused spot at the far end. By adjusting the input wavefront it’s then possible to scan the spot in two dimensions, allowing point-by-point imaging. Of course, we need to know what wavefronts to use, making it necessary to perform a calibration which requires access to the far end of the fibre. Unfortunately, this calibration is highly dependent on the configuration of the fibre – if the fibre is bent then the calibration changes. This means the technique is only applicable to rigid probes, greatly limiting the scope of potential applications. Now, in a paper published in Nature Photonics, Tomáš Čižmár and colleagues from the University of Dundee have suggested a possible solution to this problem.

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